Milqtoast Comics has been in the comic publishing game for 15 years. You may have seen our titles in Houston comic stores and at select conventions around the state and country. We aim to provide comics that break away from what everybody thinks comics should be.

Great art. Superior writing. You can have your milk & toast and eat it too.

RETAILERS: Start carrying Milqtoast Comics today. You don't have to be a comic store. Milqtoast Comics will fly at any book store or urban boutique. Write retail(at) and demand a FREE catalog now.

So you think you can draw? Or write? Or combine the two into comprehensive sequential storytelling? Milqtoast Comics is accepting submissions! Tired of getting rejected by them other publishers? We wanna see what ya got. Email us some art samples at submissions(at), or write us and tell us you got some ideas or you just wanna draw our ideas. If your stuff's decent AND you can meet deadlines I'm sure we can find something for you to do.

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